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You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful

The word “beauty” is usually mistaken for looks. If beauty is only that, then only lifeless things made by human remain beautiful forever. A person’s true beauty is in the kind attitude and humble nature. The beauty of heart is eternal. It’s natural to lose all the charm that looks hold due to old age yet the “you” is still beautiful from inside.
Here is a tale of being beautiful :

Celebration of my fifth birthday
Has been the memorable day
Cause I had got
Dolls worth so lot
Alike I wanted to look
Youth of mine it took
Along I met my better half
Who looked into my prettier heart
Beginning to be myself
Carefully placed the dolls in shelf
Cycle of life has turned me old
Yet now the dolls I hold
Aren’t changed a bit
Beautiful as they sit
At the same time I here a sound so faithful
Said he, My love you’re still beautiful


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