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Women, there you go – An Olympic story

Women, there you go – An Olympic story

Centuries have passed, yet the rest of orthodox thinking is still corroding our lives. I haven’t written anything about being proud Indian in my writings. But I take this moment to beam my head high, as times are changing and for real. These aren’t mere words; this is the outcome of sweat savored by our Indian team in the Rio Olympics.

Here is the tale of revolutionary Indian women on the podium

Certainly, the tricolor posses population

In the games, they did take participation

Sports spirit was torched

Talented ones were searched

To play their strengths

With the whole world like it never ends

It took three women to outshine

And two of them to define

That any game could be played by anyone

As the one in wrestling was criticized by everyone

While the other in badminton let none

Stop her hitting the shuttlecock

And now who dares to mock

A silver and bronze they achieved

Moreover made us believe

In women and let us carry the spirit

The next Olympic to have maximum merit

Billions of them can make a change

If our dreams are let out of the cage

Indianperformance_2981940f   India at the Rio Olympics 2016 Sakshi PV Sindhu 3


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