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Why I ‘d choose Love

Why I ‘d choose Love

We have been influenced to be a meaner version of ourselves that we forget to give little of us as hope, love, and kindness. Yet the wretched soul complains, on how love is a manipulative game of emotions and happiness is among the least appreciated subjects. The heartbreaks do happen, the cheaters do slip away and relationships do turn ugly. Yet I’d choose love. Despite those promises that never got its place other than ‘just words’.

Love, it made my heart thump. If it didn’t, then you haven’t known love. It gets ugly yet we find it beautiful, through a specs created by our profound feelings.
The smiles we would forever cherish, the times we believe in miracles, a miracle to feel our best versions.

To be nurtured as a flower with delicate care. Until the relation blooms. I’d forget the occurrence of sad love. Love is love, and I’d chose it over. Over the grave of tears.
It is love that I believe, endless until I come to an end. Love may fade but it finds its way back. Right where it should belong.


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