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TOMORROW  – an unseen promise

TOMORROW  – an unseen promise

You or me, or rather we are always in a procrastinated situation. Some people have a tendency of keeping work for a coming day while others hold their smiles for future. What about the moment now and the moment lost while thinking about what now?
Here is a tale of the uncertain future:

Will do it tomorrow,
He said to his parents.

Brought up with everything
And never craved for any bling
He believed the time is for hard work
And the time from him no one ever took

Smiles he reserved for a future
And for now, all he did was torture
Himself of prohibiting happiness
Caring wordpress for people less

Went to visit in the night
His parents who wanted his sight
For ten years they yearned
To fly high together as a family and had it strained

He made his mind after a decade
Bought the tickets along and some aid
Only to find hands-on hand
Smiles on a face and cold land

The old souls had departed,
And in death also they couldn’t be separated.
Time never stays.
But regret never leaves.



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