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Super Human

Super Human

The era of superlative craze has already begun. No matter what your age is, adult or toddler, you like the “BEST”. Superheroes are yet another concept created by comics that’s taken the fantasy savior to higher levels. Movies, merchandise, and whatnot are a part of it. Secretly Am a Superman merchandise fan as blue is my favorite color but I have never understood what’s the reason behind others insanity of superhero figures most popularly Batman and Superman also the series of Avengers.

Well here is a tale to help you find your superpowers:

Action figures you see around
Are not realities we surround
The craze of A child
For superheroes aint mild
He grows to be a teen
Who is so keen
For standing next
To words like best
In a path to be great
He forgets his trait
That Superman is within
And searching out is a sin
Cause you’re the superlative
Not the ones negative
Dreaming to be someone
Is better than to be like anyone
Get to the world
With all the power which is untold
As you’re the hero
Merely not a zero


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