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Sun to the Blind

Sun to the Blind

Functionally, blindness is something which can totally blackout imagination. It must be the darkness that doesn’t let colors to blend in. To let a glimpse of the sun be familiar to a blind person may seem much of impossible task, yet it isn’t. The blinds have their own perspective in seeing the world which isn’t known to us.

They are keen listeners and great observers. They follow the direction of sun through their senses. The idea of brightness is the color of the sun to the one who cannot see. The warmth that the palms feel adds to the depth of the color. The fire heart carries, is the look when the sunbeams. The World full of colors isn’t colorless to the blind. To lead the imagination, it is important to feel. The answer underlies in experience dispersed into different feelings common to all.

The sun is the bittersweet moments of life that rises and sets, every time beautifully

It is our nerve that boils, the colors are dispersed from a range of warm to cold. Unlike the words such as orange, yellow or saffron. It means different to the heart and is a perfect definition of the color of the sun to the blind dispersed in different feelings.



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