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Snoozing Sunday

Snoozing Sunday

How many of you are addicted to the snoozed button in the alarm? Well, you and I are. There is no denying that little extra sleep is like a boon granted. The tiredness accumulated in is let out on leisure day .As the saying goes” All work and no play make jack a dull boy”

Even though you are into the working or studying group everyone need a day off to let your systems rest.

Here is a short tale to all Sunday lovers:

As I annoyingly wake

I wish God to make 

 The very unworthy day 

 Into a blooming Sunday 

 No alarm to hurry 

 Head would just burry 

 Under the pillow of dreams

But here comes reality as streams

Washing the joy of the weekend 

 And this repeats every weekday like a trend 

Tiring is the working hours 

 Hectic is even the showers 

 Owning stress as a feeling

But yeah, comes Sunday to do the healing


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