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Sibling Love

Sibling Love

Life would be quite empty without a bunch of irritating people who fight with us for a TV remote or let it be silly as eating food from your plate. They love to spoil anything you like or wish to do. Yet when the time comes they shield you from parents and are there to listen to your life issues starting from your birth until death departs. Well, have I forgotten to tell the word I’m defining? It’s “Sibling”.

Here is a tale of the sibling:

He or She let it be

They never leave us free

A younger one pretends

To you as a parent to meet her ends

Let’s bring the elder one here

Owning a bossy attitude everywhere

None could be compared

To annoying twins paired

And there are the friends

As siblings God sends

Unlucky are those

Who don’t chose

The love that is given

From lovable partner forsaken

Sister or brother it can

They are who ran

Behind us every time

When difficulties come in line


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