Your Story, My Way



I’ve been in a phase where what I say is not what I hear from people. Circulation of overstatement is now a trend. To make you aware there are few tales  :

It isn’t as you think

Said the son with a wink

Mother heard he was moving

From a friend of her exaggerating

None of it is true dear

Said the husband to make her clear

She heard he was flirting with client

Turns out it was a male and made her silent

Look I told I never spoke

Said the sister when brother had to poke

Neighbour’s son and me friends?

Never. Here the topic ends

Words circulating fast

Make doubts enter the mind to cast

Suspicious alert on loved ones

Well it’s the rumor triggering like guns



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  • Woooooooh ur genius…. Means why r u even talking to me…. Like u r a big wow… Glad u r my didi….🙆🙇😀


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