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Phone Controlled MAN

Phone Controlled MAN

Technology has overtaken everything in our life. I personally wake up and the first thing I do is check my phone for messages and calls. A bad day for our generation is having no network and living like ‘GOOD OLD DAYS’. I think my view on phone addicts or what so ever is not scientific.
Let me tell you a tale of a “Phone controlled Man”

My eyes just open
To see whether I missed the fun
On my smartphone apps
As my hand taps
Through the messages and update
I wake up ignoring my state
Breakfast, lunch or any meal
Never passes until I have my phone’s feel
My wishes these days include
To be the popular dude
In the social networking world
Though I ain’t so bold
Out in the reality
But still I continue my insanity
Slaving away my time
To use a phone that’s actually mine
It owns me now
Though I’ve paid for it somehow


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