Your Story, My Way

My Story , My Way

My Story , My Way

Female, this particular trait has suffered all kinds of wrong by everyone including females itself. The money blinded hearts get to a stage where anything that is not common among is wrong . Being different is taken as being false. All the feminist in me is broken to write this tale : 

Danced for a cause
Wrote without a pause
Stood out in confidence
Creating a strong fence
To my culture I had
Workaholic way too mad
I had passion
Sadly that wasn’t the fashion
Of others around
So they are ashamed to surround
Me the girl
Who should be like a pearl
Locked for day
Called as a wedding I shall say
That’s what a life is of respect
In each and every of their aspect
Let me not give prolong the pain
And I reject to be insane
This is the life of mine
You ‘ll realize when I shine


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