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Love To Live Longer

Again readers sorry for complicity in my title. For today I have to unlock the fact which parents nor do younger generation understand something known as “love”.

In morning I was going through the psychologist’s analysis about people who have happy love life live longer as their social wellbeing remains stable. A person’s emotional attachments play a major role in a good health. Love is an attachment to caring and sharing as its major element. Let me not bore you with the scientific theory about loving and living.

I have read and written about love for so long but when people ask me whether I am in love, I have to say, there are still some years for me to find a husband and settle. I got no hurry as my Parent’s love, sibling’s love, friend’s love and self-love makes a complete love cycle.

A beautiful tale here would take you to the depth of love –

As a kid, I was lost
There were my parents most
Looking after me always
And so past peaceful childhood days
I grew to a teen
And always so keen
So came problems tossing
And stress so forcing
Yet it subsided
As my friends and family bound
There I am Now
Making livelihood anyhow
My love is supportive
I feel all the motive
To live more
And always to the core
Cause of the love given
All the pain is taken



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