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Killer Serial

Killer Serial

If you’re an Indian or at least associated with Indian background you all know what Hindi daily soaps are for housewives. Through years these soaps have molded the thinking of especially the females at home who watch these with greatest interest.

When I’m out with my female friends they start their conversations something like this “Who is Sanam marrying now?”, “I couldn’t watch the last episode of Ek hasina thi, tell me about it “and so it goes on. Having no knowledge on serials makes me feel alienated. I wonder why so serious when in reality those actors live truly different life. Humorous is the way people apply serial logic in real life. ” My son’s wife is like Durga from star one “said by a lady whom I eavesdropped on a rickshaw stand. I couldn’t stop my creepy smile to this comment.

Well let me tell you tale of a female serial addict:

Early I do wake
For my children’s sake
I keep a time table
So I can be stable
To watch my daily serials
Thinking of which I cooked cereals
What would be Sanam’s situation?
Not to forget Durgas agitation
And Sheela had come to say
There is a new story starting today
I was all excited to look
The new Bahu on hook
Hoping her life goes well
Not In sasural like hell
So passes the time
Watching these in line
I switch of the television
With dramatic visions
Filled in my brain
I go to bed all in strain


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