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Is It Safe Outside ?

Is It Safe Outside ?

I’m a bit of feminist when it comes to the social concept. Previously I had updated the article “Being Girl” on one of the issues of a female child in India. Recent newspapers are filled with a crime against females in the society & in many of the cases justice is not done because Money overpowers Humanity.  Ladies and lil ladies out there, a small ignorance could expose you to violent arrogance.

To the growing rate of these issues I have a tale for all of you from all of me,

Yes I call it unfair
When my brother & me who share
The same genes are treated diversely
Affecting the growth of me adversely
Sun predicts my timing
Darkness is when danger is dining
Word spelled as female
Are dominated by male
Fear of humans around
Is more than any animal we surround
Situation around may not change
Justice may not be in range
Yet I need to tolerate
To survive this fate
As It aint safe outside
But stronger shall be the will inside


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