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I Want To Commit Suicide

I Want To Commit Suicide

Shocked? Well, it’s a plain no. I ain’t dying neither I would as I value life far beyond the present difficulties. From school till college and continuing in the working stage I find so many suicidal cases. The number of suicides is increasing due to social isolation.  If you ever felt like committing suicide, Take this as a solution. Type “I WANT TO Commit SUICIDE “in the Google. You will find the nearest centers namely through which will prevent you from committing this crime. You will find a person to talk to and calm your mental state.
For those who neglect my words, here is the tale of a life rebounded.

Let me tell you

The story that is true

Of abuse and poverty

That led me to this insanity

At school I was bullied

College was filled with greed

I loved a woman so deep

But damn my faiths creep

Confidence in me lacked

When jobs were stacked

Abandoned the idea of trying again

Concluded the end of my game

I attempted and to my fate

My savior wasn’t late

Now I’m hungry for life

And yeah I’ve her as my wife

Also atlas I had to decide

That the answer was never suicide




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