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Dreams are the biggest delusions that we possess until and unless we work for it. The endless the scheme of judgmental world has become our handcuffs to try anything that is linked with “risk”. Uninviting insecurities build up through the opinions that glide in our life. While we are naïve enough to fool ourselves with a promise of being perfect, we fail to understand the beauty of imperfection. Not you, nor me, were sculpted. We were created to learn walking, after falling down. To smile, after crying. To hold hands, after knowing you’re vulnerable.

Mistakes are the biggest misconception of failure. It stands as the biggest mentor in all walks of life. The wrong’s guide us to right. And the right wouldn’t be satisfactory if the path was easy to slide. Wounds achieved after jumping a hurdle, are the reminder of you owning the whole journey. The journey of growth, and being better every day.

The blind truth is we are scared, of “another” mistake, “another” heartbreak or “another” disappointment. Designated as scared and scarred, we further take the journey. Of doing the mistake, of not doing a mistake.

We are the sand that would be washed away by waves, don’t deny, breathe. I am not scared, of telling the tale of being foolish. Foolish enough to walk on lava of mistakes.


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