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Fear Of Betrayal

Fear Of Betrayal

Fear – this word is in the hearts of all grown as well as lil humans. A parent could betray a child through a series of unfulfilled promise. And well in the world of adults betrayal is a part of everything.
 A one-time occurrence of such incident gives us a lifetime of fear within our heart until or unless we overcome them
Here is the tale of fear within us:


The tears we shed

The endless battle we lead 

Bearing pain in our eyes 

Looking gigantic in size

Life laughs at our tears,

But why don’t we understand they are not our peers

Trust isn’t always kept

Apologizes aren’t felt

Is it my fault that I trusted you?

Or is it you who let me down?

Can I ever trust anyone like I trusted you?

You brought me to the conclusion 

That there is the real illusion

Sharp words of yours in my memories will last

Unless comes someone who turns it into past

The one who will bring a smile

When it doesn’t exist in my file

The one who will be with me

And will set me free

By being loyal

From the fear of betrayal




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  • These fears are so normal that, unless we become self-aware , they can permeate our everyday interactions. It’s not just about trusting people either, but also life situations and opportunities that come our way. When the barriers are up, our lives become needlessly limited.


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