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Biker’s Life

Personally, I’m not a sport but at times I like to focus on a variety of topics. Bikers are found around the globe let it be old chap or young fellow. The men who work in the corporate white collared job may change to the cool dude on weekend biking his passion out on the road.
Here is a tale of a biker :

Turning the key round
The engine makes a high sound
Which is to me a signal
Of happiness at every angle
As I’m the biker
And on road I be wiser
Doing my job all week
This is the best air I seek
faster I ride
Cornering and roaring like a tide
Climate may be hot or cold
But we are courageously bold
Setting our path on two wheels
May be wrong to one who feels
Terrible at the speed
But that’s what we need
To live a biker’s life



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