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Being Girl

Being Girl

We all know the status of woman around the world. Different places have different beliefs for the women in their territory. Recently the protests in our country may not have affected the government much but each guy has somewhere realized for now that they need to have some control over their dominance. If people still didn’t realize I need to take my hands and forcefully open the eyes. If you have questions, Why so serious writing lady? Let me clarify it’s something I face every next moment of my life.
It’s not about how I look like, but it’s about how you look at me.

Tale of Being Girl :

My parents were on happy land
But I poured all the sand
As I was born as a female
When they wanted was male
I lacked the affection from my mother
Wasn’t she a female yet another?
Told me to hide my skin
Traditions that let in
Looking at my achievements past
Never did my father smile long last
The guys outside of me looked
With minds so crooked
Yet my parents and the society
Preferred them as a deity
It is still not enough
As am Strong and tough
To survive with my rights
Being girl is not a crime
There is just some time to shine.



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