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Before I Step Into 201∞

Before I Step Into 201∞

A year, with memories unforgettable
Lessons learned through dreams that were once believable
Like seasons we matured
The blazing heat of summer
Lifted curtains of desires to shimmer
Without thinking we took the path that cracked
Not realizing where we were until it was washed
By the monsoon who gushed without warning
Drenched the feelings of friendship and love
Life that waited for none just knew how to move
Autumn bickered colors of bravery
The decoration covered the misery
Forgiving lessened the burden
Winter froze everything that was broken
Time sewed the hope back
Situations grew the person in you to take a step aback
Breathe, before you blame
Take responsibility before you shame
Know others perspective before you cry
And to smile
Another year is here to begin
Allow your heart to be at content
Happiness relies on the moment
On your very movement

Before I step to 2018


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