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Are you White?

When I’m talking of white obviously it’s not the color. Before going to the topic in detail a boring way, let me ask you all one question. How many of you want to be of “white” complexion? Well color of skin can never define the heart of a person.

Living in India for few years I know that almost every house where a girl exist, exits a fairness cream. Becoming fair is one sole aim of young girls who get tanned or are of dark complexion. Why only girl, even the men have their fairness creams launching in the market. In short all Indians want to be “fair” but irony is it’s just the color.

When it comes to reality humanity in this era chooses black. Black is the malpractices, betraying, wrong way to get rich and much more. I’m not materialistic nor moralistic person but humanity will die soon if no one wants to be right. Imagine you’re watching a movie and there is no point having a real hero, it’s all about villains who are the the only existing character in this world. No trust, no love, no kindness, no innocent smiles and everything is just negative selfish crumble of emotions left in the world. Now come back to reality and open your eyes, see around and give your brain some work. Looking fair is not a crime but opting unfair practices for living is a crime.

Make yourselves white as much as possible. Now read the title “Are you white “? If yes comment below, if “no” then you need to improve the human in you. Take baby steps of kindness it will become a habit and the darkness in you will also vanish.


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