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Anger to Hanger

How often do you get angry? No relation is relation until there are some disputes now and then. It’s common to get angry. But anger could lead to the hanger of death.
Now ask me why? The tale of this man has your answers.

It blinded my way
That was a cursed day
I took the knife
And killed my wife
For a regrettable argument
I cannot even comment
I cry behind
The bars which are unkind
I couldn’t gulp my anger
And I have reached the hanger
Just quick reactions
Caused such emotions
Now am here
Covered with tear
I have lost everything
Cause I had anger as a thing


We don’t have anger management clubs in our locality nor going to psychiatrist considered normal around because we have not yet achieved thinking of today. But if you don’t grow to solve the anger problem you regret every second of it for the rest of your life.



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