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An Apology

An Apology

Mistakes are part of life as no human is born PERFECT. Let it be big or small, sometimes our ego stops us from saying sorry.  Share this tale if you ever felt that some apology from you is unsaid. Let go of the guilt and mend your mess, which has been ignored for long.

Here is a tale of an apology:

Things I say
May be careless someday
But it is a moment
To what I put anger in front
Eliminating the smiles 
Dragging distance into miles
Forgiving is a path
To move on from wrath
Cause if it’s ignored
Guilt within is sored
We all have ego
But its time to let go
As I agree it’s my mistake
But its you on stake
Important is the relation
More than my depression
I owe you an apology
From the depth of my psychology


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