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Judge Mental

Judge Mental

Imperfection defines humanity. A robot which is, well, lifeless could be perfect. But we humans tend to find errors in others around us. Let me call this the problem finding quality. This obsession is toxic as you may have your parents commenting on your choices “What may society think?” or let me break it to simpler that our lives are surrounded by Judge-Mental people.

To this major concern I have a tale for you all:

Whichever gender you belong

There will be someone having the long

List of faults in you always

Even though you’re better in many ways

Wear a comfortable short cloth

Uncultured or Poor, or are you both?

Traditional attire when I wear

I’m from village culture says the stare

To who speaks less is tagged as anti-social

To who speaks more is bragged as a craving to be social

You’re a unique person is a problem

You’re not different gets copying emblem

Forget these are just nothing

When strangers come in creeping

Giving notions to your life

Well I could just use a knife

To cut down that deadly thought in mind

From where judgments they find


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  • Writing lady, i love d stuff u write 🙂 t givs me tons of happiness and im sure one day ull b a great up d awesome work :*


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